In Jobortunity everything comes in 5, we present to you: The Jobortunity Big 5!

These are the five pillars of the social enterprise and the vision of Jobortunity as an organisation:

1. ‘WHAT’. Jobortunity is a training institute in Arusha,Tanzania, to enable youth to get a job and keep a job in the service industry. The mission of Jobortunity is to provide youth with training programmes focusing on development of employability skills (work attitude) to enable them to get and retain jobs.


2. ‘WHY’. In Tanzania 64% of the population is in the age group of 0-24 years. Large numbers of young people live on the street selling fruit, firewood or themselves to make a living. Many young people are losing out on employment due to lack of education opportunities, experience and the right skills/attitude. This means that even youth who graduated from university can not access the labour market. At the same time, many companies struggle to find adequate staff to provide good service to their clients. Jobortunity aims to bridge this gap by translating the needs of the service industry sector into a training program. In this way youth become employable and the companies have well trained staff.


3. ‘WHO’. Jobortunity trains young people in the age of 18-25 lacking the means, attitude and skills to obtain a decent job. Students should be literate, have a basic knowledge of English and, most importantly, they should be motivated to work in a company in the service industry and take control of their own lives and future.


4. ‘WHERE & WHEN’. The institute is located in Arusha. The Training of Youth (TOY) Programme started on 16 September 2009. At present Jobortunity has trained six classes and is running her seventh.


5.‘HOW’. The trainers use two approaches developed by the institute. Both approaches focus on personal development of students: (1) the ‘3H’ Training Method and (2) the ‘Hi5’ Approach.