Hi5 Training at Jobortunity


Are you familiar with the struggle to find staff with the right work attitude?

Do you want your staff to be professional, motivated, and committed?


Jobortunity offers a variety of trainings. For up to date information about upcoming trainings, please send us an email at info@jobortunity.org

Hi5 Coaching Training: ‘How to guide people towards high performance’

Training of Supervisors Training trains supervisors (and managers) in how to get the best out of their staff.

Training of Trainers provides participants with the theory, skills and tools to develop and implement effective training programs in companies, school, social organisations, government, etc

Hi5 Training provides participants (employees) with the theory, skills and tools for an effective work attitude.
– Thumb: have a positive & professional attitude (responsibility & enabling look at life)
– Index finger: have a goal & direction (planning & how to organise oneself/ work)
– Middle finger: stand out and be proud (personal strengths & weaknesses)
– Ring finger: be loyal & a team player (social, communication, team work & conflict management       skills)
– Little finger: take little but smart steps (flexible & proactive attitude)

Hi5 Booster Training at hotel/business properties: can be arranged for groups to 25 at discounted rates.

This training is great for mid level management and supervisors in the hospitality or service oriented industry. The courses give supervisors the tools and methods to effectively motivate staff, which improves their attitude towards customer service and work performance.

If you are interested in a training, send an email to info@jobortunity.org to get more information about the context of the training, costs, and registration.