Hi5 Training for Youth

we offer…..

1 – year Hi5 training:  this includes a 4-month intense classroom training (5days a week) with an 8-month apprenticeship thereafter. During this period, students also receive additional attitude and skills training from Jobortunity every last week of the month to prepare them for job applications. The next classes commence on the  9th of November 2015 and 2nd of May 2016.

To apply: Fill out and return the application form which can be downloaded from our website (www.jobortunity.org)  or can be collect from the institute in Chekereni from 2nd September, 2015 for TSH 10,000.

The selection criteria are:

–        Education level:

o   Minimum Standard 7- Maximum form 4

o   Basic Literacy; reading, writing and basic Math

–        Intermediate English speaking and writing skills are required

Note that the applicants will be given written and oral English tests to access their level.

Course fee: Full course, per student, is TSH. 1,000,000, which can be paid in full or in 2 installments. We also have a scholarship program in place. For more information please call Jobortunity.

After a year with Jobortunity, students walk away with a Hi5 Qualification and are ready to embark on employment in the service industry. Hi5 basically moulds our students to have the right attitude and professionalism.


Short term courses:

·       Computer Course (Applied Ms Word, Internet, Email and Social Media) Dates: 16th to 27th November 2015

·       English Language Course (from basic to intermediate level including grammar and adequate speaking skills) Dates:  19th October 2015 to 23rd January 2016.

·       Career Development Course: 1 month course starting in December 2015


All training courses are accredited with the Jobortunity Hi5 Qualification.

Sign up to any of our courses today! We’ll help you be the right you for the right job.

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Hi5 for Companies

Hi5 is ‘a way of working’ (or: a way of life) and ‘a way of training’ suitable for anyone looking for employment but also anyone with employment. Staff development is needed for high quality company performance. Jobortunity offers attitude training to companies. We practice what we preach. We are attitude trainers, with a focus on behaviour and its results. That’s who we are and what we do. We do not tell your people what to do, but we motivate them to do so and we are an example.

we offer…..

Hi5 Mentorship Training: This training is great for mid level management and supervisors in the hospitality or service oriented industry. The courses give supervisors the tools and methods to effectively motivate staff, which improves their attitude towards customer service and work performance.

Hi5 Staff Training & Coaching

There is a need for human development products in companies. Jobortunity offers a range of products that can serve this need. We offer solutions to problems through our Hi5 approach. We concluded a series of problems that we were able to cluster into groups, which we should name properly to make them fit into the perspective of companies/managers. The content with which we offer the solutions are always tailor made, i.e. a selection from our curriculum, if necessary, modified to the specific wishes of the customer in terms of vocabulary, examples, stories or games. Everything also depending on available time, finance, etc…

Problem Hi5 Training & coaching Solutions
People not coming and leaving on time.People not being accurate with time during breaks.People not asking questions when they don’t understand how to manage a task or instruction.People not communicating when they notice that they are not able to finish a task in time.People who do not prioritize their tasks. Accurate work and timing issues!
Disagreements between employees that they find hard to solve. This can be about business issues or personal issues.Disagreements between employees and the manager. (business/personal)Disagreements between employees and customers.Prejudice among colleagues or towards customers. Think and act in solutions instead of problems!
People who are not taking care after each other’s task or job.People doing their work not properly which creates problems for colleagues.people not seeing the bigger picture (company or team objective).People who do not express thoughts, feelings, wishes which causes emotional tension.Personal issues between people.Prejudice among colleagues.

People gossiping.

Commitment to the team and company
People not giving sincere attention to the customers.Customers experiencing bad 1st impressions.People not putting the customer first.Prejudice towards customers.People not offering solutions to the customers problems/questions.People not giving the proper information to customers.

People not managing expectations of customers.

People promising what they cannot fulfil.

People expressing disinterest towards customers.

Customer Service with head and heart!
People not selling enough.People not creating long lasting customer relations.People find it difficult to detect customer needs.People find it hard to pitch their product, their company, themselves.People do not negotiate enough.People find it hard to deal with objections.

People are scared to close the deal.

People do not stay in touch with existing customers.

Sales and Customer Loyalty!