The right YOU for the right JOB

Jobortunity is a training and career development institute in Arusha, Tanzania. We train youth in the age of 18-25 years that are motivated to work in the service industry, into confident professionals with the right attitude and customer service skills that meet employment standards. In all our courses we use our specially designed Hi5 training method. Jobortunity connects companies that struggle to find professional, well trained staff, to Jobortunity graduates. Jobortunity also offers tailor-made Trainings & Coaching programs to companies for training their staff and helping them to bring their service to a higher level.

Get your career to the next level!

Are you a young adult looking to boost your career and get to the next level? Sign up for our courses today. Become the right you for the right job! We give all youth the chance to study and get a decent job. Everyone is welcome! If you don't have the financial means to pay the course fee, have a look at our scholarship program. Find out more!

Get well-trained staff with the right attitude and behaviour

It is important to have well trained staff with the right attitude and behaviour in order to provide the best service to your guests and operate successfully as a company. We offer solutions to a variety of problems through our Hi5 approach. The solutions we offer are always tailor-made and can be modified to your specific wishes. We identified different problem areas and made a special Hi5 Training & Coaching program with solutions for each one. We will sit down with you to talk about your main problems so we can focus on finding a solution for those problems during our training. Find out more or make an appointment.

1-year Hi5 Career Development Course starts 3 October '16. Selection day: 15 September 2016. - Make sure you apply before this date!

Come and see us at our new office in Chama (near Tengeru)!

Hi5 English Courses are starting soon: Day course: 21 November 2016. Sign up before 14 November!

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